My Oxen

Where does an Ox go to get trained? . . . . .Oxford University of course!

I train a team of two Jersey steers at Hancock Shaker Village named Merle and Roy. I’ve worked with oxen in the past, but this is my first adventure training a team myself.

The truth is, they train me.

In the one year since I’ve begun working them as calves, Merle and Roy have taught me which training methods work and which don’t. No how-to book could ever replace what I’ve learn from my two trouble makers. For now, they are still technically considered “steers” and not yet “oxen” because they have not yet completed their training and won’t for a few more years. Teaching them has taken a ton of patience and training will still take a few more years before the boys can get their “oxen PHD,” so to speak. 1aaaaa

Roy (on left) and Merle (on right) taken the first week of January.

plowing in May

plowing in May



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