The Bachelor Pad and the “Dudes” -Regarding Sheep Breeding

There are two types of bachelor pads in the male world- those that are created by choice and those that exist  because there is no other choice. The bachelor pad at the farm, (the pasture for our two breeding rams), might be considered the latter.

For most of the year our two rams are kept together with only their male counterpart as company. If one could talk he might tell the farmer, “You’re going to stick me with another dude for the rest of the year? Hell No.” Unfortunately, if they were to be kept with the ewes year round, our farm would be overrun with baby lambs every week. (Obamacare doesn’t cover sheep condoms.)

One of our very handsome rams in his pasture...

One of our very handsome rams in his pasture…

To keep the lambing period somewhat controlled, we release our ram with the ewes for only a specific set of weeks between the fall and winter. By utilizing this time period known as “the rut” or the sheep breeding season, we ensure that each ewe gives birth during early spring.

Yesterday, we put our ram with the ewes for the first time and our boy couldn’t be happier. Unlucky for him, the pretty girl he had his eye on was not in “standing heat,” therefore she was a little too coy for him to catch up to. Check out the following clip to see his first few moments with the ladies.


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