The Story of the Goat and the Fence- On life’s more important questions.

If you could be any farm animal what would you be?

Like most young women my age, I find myself reflecting on this often. But a question of such importance is not a matter to be taken lightly. In fact, Ghandi himself understood the importance of this question. He spent years meditating, fasting, and praying, in a fruitless search to find out whether he was a horse or a duck.

The world may never know.fff

In many cases, most things we search for in life,  come when we AREN’T searching. Two days ago, the answer to my initial question, of which farm animal  I would be, dawned on me. This epiphany happened so unexpectedly that it can only be deemed comparable to accidentally grabbing a wet hunk of chicken poop on the handle of a shovel.

It  happens..

Anyways, on Tuesday morning, as I pulled into the gravel driveway of Woodstock Sustainable Farm, it was then I realized I would be a goat. Here’s what created the epiphany: There, in the front pasture, stood our most mischievous boer goat. She stared out at me from where her head was stuck in the fence, waiting expectantly for me to bale her out of the predicament she was in. Like most goats do, she had pushed  through the fence to reach the grass on the other side. Due to the shape of her horns,  pulling her head back from where it came was a difficult task for her to do alone. Now she was stuck between two pastures. (The best of both worlds? Not so much..)

The following clip demonstrates how unwilling goats are when receiving life advice from the Chicken Lady.

The old farmers used to say- “If you splash a bucket of water through a fence and most of it doesn’t splash back at you, a goat will get through it.”

Goats are mischievous animals that way, always escaping. If one could talk, it might tell you that being a goat, having such a  restless mindset, is not an easy way to live. Goats feel the need to break through fences, for no reason other than  the sake of breaking through. Once they escape, they demand to be put back in. In the end, they escape all over again. That’s just the way goats are; it’s in their (3)

The moral to this story might  go something like this: If you attempt to acquire the best of both worlds, you  find yourself without either.  Maybe it’s about finding happiness in one pasture….

-Now that’s a thought to chew your cud on.


Disclaimer- *No goats were harmed in the making of this blog. The Chicken Lady quickly and easily pulled the goat’s head out from the fence.





2 thoughts on “The Story of the Goat and the Fence- On life’s more important questions.

  1. I was always the anti-Disney kid. I wanted to watch cartoons about people acting like animals instead of the other way around. In your blog I think I’ve found what I’ve been looking for. My life is complete.


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