Musings from the other side of the electric fence

Some people enjoy a nice jolt of caffeine in the morning to wake them up. But me, I prefer a good old jolt from an electric fence to start my day off right. Nothing better…in fact it’s so enjoyable that I only PRETEND that the shock is an accident.

For example, yesterday morning when feeding the chickens, I touched the fence that was supposedly off. What sounded like a yelp of pain emitting from my vocal chords, was really just a cough. Shep, my soul witness, understood that it was just a cough, and looked at me with his ears perked…probably just concerned for my allergies.

Dogs are just wise like (2)

Chickens on the other hand, are much more apathetic to the concerns of human beings. Our birds only blinked out at me from their portable coops.










In moments I would drag their pen to new ground to provide a “buffet” of  fresh grass and bugs for them to feast on. Usually it’s a competition for which chicken can race to the juiciest piece of grass first.  I love to watch them. Occasionally, they will notice a thing of interest, cocking their whole head sideways, just to get a good look. Sometimes it’s a plane in the sky or Shep, barreling through the field in the distance. Sometimes the object of interest is me.

I watch them back.

It’s easy for us humans to say they’re dumb animals, but my good friend Todd Burdick once said, “Chickens know what they need to know to be chickens.”

The question is, can most humans even say that about themselves?


On that note, Happy Chickening…




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