Do our lambs prefer The Rolling Stones or Nicki Minaj?

Presently, at Woodstock Sustainable Farms, we have two baby lambs that aren’t your average run-of-the-mill lambs. In fact, it’s been said that  these two lambs are so rare and highly sought after, that Mick Jagger himself,  has mentioned placing an offer on them. Do you know why?

Boris and Gromit are the only two lambs in the history of lamb-hood to be as enthusiastic as any 48 year-old when they hear the song “I can’t get no satisfaction.” The moment, these two little guys hear me singing it when I enter the barn, they sprint over to the gate, and look at me as if to say, “Where’s the party at man?!”

Don’t believe me? Watch this video for proof!

As much as I like to joke that the lambs have really good taste in music, the truth is, most  animals, especially babies, are all about sound recognition when it comes to knowing feeding time. Simply put, because I sing to them EVERY time I feed them, the animals know that my voice means food is coming. I like to think I’ve helped them identify  “the good taste of food with good taste in music.” Unfortunately, I could have just as easily sung Nicki Minaj and the lambs would have run over with the same enthusiasm….Go figure….


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