Ba-a-a-a-d Luck

Yesterday afternoon, over 100 dollars worth of cash and a check were stolen out of my wallet…. by the sheep at Shaker Village.

They devoured it.

Here’s how it happened. At 3:00, as I leaned up against the sheep’s hay bin,  the wallet slipped out of my pocket, directly where they eat their hay. Three o’clock also happens to be very close to their second feeding time, the time of day when the sheep have already shoved their heads into the manger, awaiting their hay. By the time I realized my wallet was missing, all I found was a half-chewed Cumberland Farms receipt and and some very guilty looking sheep.

You could say the sheep must have been “money-hungry,” and my check, reading “Edible Berkshires” must have REALLY been edible! The joke opportunities are endless. Yesterday, I wished I had been able to use jokes to shrug it off, like any tough farm girl, NOPE!

Instead, I immediately left the scene, power-walked through the sea of tourists in the barn, ducked into the nearest closet, wedged myself between two cobweb covered chicken cages, and sobbed so loudly that I imagine several visitors must now think the round barn is haunted by a very obnoxious Shaker ghost.

My life is a sit-com.

Normally I would never admit to getting upset over something so silly and especially to crying over it, (how embarrassing)!  But as I look back, the whole event was too hilarious to not include in my blog. A bit of money stolen is miniscule in the grand scheme of things, and who knows, it just might come out the other end!

Talk about “dirty money”. . .


3 thoughts on “Ba-a-a-a-d Luck

  1. Laura, I love your blog! I have had such a good time reading through much of the last year about Merle and Roy, the chickens, and adorable Emily, whom I really must meet. Thanks so much for introducing me to your full cast of characters! Nancy Muse


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