“Pecking away” at a chicken tractor

For the past month, Steve and I have spent the little free time we have together, “pecking away” at building a chicken tractor for the birds on our farm.  Basically, a chicken tractor is a movable, floorless coop that can be rotated daily so the birds constantly have fresh grass beneath them to eat. The structure minimizes the amount of  money spent on feed, while simultaneously allowing the chickens to forage and to be chickens!

Many different styles of chicken tractors exist. We built ours in a simple A-frame shape, cutting broken pipes from the abandoned dairy operation in the barn, then welding them together.

cutting the pipes

Step One: Cutting the pipes

Step Two: Welding them into the basic frame shape

Step Two: Welding them together

main frame

Frame is done

Almost done!

Step Three: Attaching welded wire, wooden roosts, and plywood side. Almost done!


The final masterpiece.

The finished structure includes:

  • Welded wire– (Stronger and hardier than flimsy chicken wire)
  • Two removable wheels and two handles– Allows one person to easily “wheelbarrow” the structure to a different patch of grass each day for chickens to graze
  • Wooden perches- Provides a comfortable spot off the ground for chickens to roost and feel safe
  • Corrugated roofing material: Provides chickens shade and protection from the elements.
Our adolecsent rooster laying down near one of the ladies

Our adolescent rooster, laying near one of the ladies

Already stretching their feathers out to sunbathe

Already stretching their feathers out to sunbathe

Sweet temptation. . .he's a good cat

Sweet temptation. . .he’s a good cat


9 thoughts on ““Pecking away” at a chicken tractor

  1. Laura I like the design- in fact I like it enough to reproduce it….but I don’t have a welder in the family. Would PVC do the same job do you think? Put together with those little joiners?


    • So happy you liked it! My personal preference would be an ideal fit of ten chickens or so, however many farmer striving for efficiency would probably double that (at least). Since my chickens are really just a side-gig for me right now, I like to give them plenty of space. Good luck, and any other questions, let me know! 🙂


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