Stress, Emily, and Dandelions

On a rainy Monday, it’s easy to get down on yourself. When I get anxious and stressed  with all the work I know I have ahead of me, sometimes I have to take a moment to sit back and watch the animals. The beauty of working with them is that everyday, they remind me to stay in the moment. Emily is a perfect example.

Frolicking in the meadow at my farm in Richmond.

Emily, frolicking in the meadow at the farm I’m living at in Richmond.

She reminds me that there’s always time to stop and smell the flowers. . .


Dandelions are her favorite

Dandelions are her favorite

And maybe even eat one. . .DSCF6723

Our cat, Bon Jovi, joining in to look for trouble

Our cat, Bon Jovi, joining in to look for trouble

Emily isn’t the only one who benefits from eating Dandelions. Humans have been eating this nutrition-packed plant for generations, and rightly so. Dandelions actually contain as much iron as spinach, with even more calcium and vitamin A. They are even known to detoxify the system. All parts of the plant are edible, but the greens are the tastiest before the plant has flowered.

I say, on a nice hot day, once this rain goes away, grab a handful of dandelion greens and let them soak in some boiling water. After about fifteen minutes, throw in some ice cubes and sugar to make dandelion iced tea! Sit back, take a sip, and let yourself relax in the moment, even if it’s just for a moment. . .








4 thoughts on “Stress, Emily, and Dandelions

  1. Little bit of farmer wisdom for you Laura my neighbor who lived well into his 90’s and operated a dairy then beef farm once told me. If you sit and just watch a cow chewing her cud you forget all your troubles and relieves your stress. And I’ll have my dandelions in a salad please.


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