“My First “Farm Hour!”

As I sit here in the parking lot of McDonald’s, utilizing their internet, and watching people eat their soggy cheeseburgers in the car next to me, I ponder love. I believe cheeseburgers are most certainly a form of love. In fact, I believe that the intensity of love inside cheeseburgers is so great, that when eaten, the love flows through the human body and straight into the arteries, choking them with bliss. Love is dangerous that way, whatever kind of love it may be.

I think McDonald’s new slogan could easily be switched to “Choke your arteries with bliss.”  All the slogan needs is a catchy jingle and before you know it, 95% of American children will have the phrase memorized and still have no idea who the first US president was. Television is powerful that way.

But I’m confident that there are things in this world more powerful. . .like kids getting a chance to live the things they’re learning. . . and of course, interacting with animals is a perfect example.

My sweet little niece Sky, with my "adopted" niece Izzy, visiting Emily, the lamb, a couple months ago.

My  little niece Sky, with my “adopted” niece, Izzy, visiting Emily, the lamb, a couple months ago.

It seems to me that schools are among the organizations that get hit the hardest during times of recession. The opportunity for children to “live what they learn” by going on field trips and taking part in after school activities seems more challenging than it once was. But if bringing the kids to the animals is more expensive, why not bring the animals to them? One of my goals has been to eventually visit schools with farm animals to provide the children with a special hands-on “Farm Hour”. For this reason, I’m especially excited to have just found out that I will be doing my very first presentation at a local school this July! You can bet that Emily, the lamb, will be my assistant. Wish me luck!


9 thoughts on ““My First “Farm Hour!”

  1. So excited for you and emily. Do you have any suggestions for what type of harness to use to walk a Polish rooster? I want tostart taking Chester along on my walks


    • oh man Karen, you are going to be quite an eye catcher! I’ve actually used tiny dog harnesses from tractor supply in the past and they seem to work alright. Still the chickens can get out of them if they flap around enough. But hey, give it a shot, it will be adorable at the least!


  2. That sounds awesome and I hope you have more opportunities after this one in July. Emily looks to be ready for the job!!


    • Thanks! For the longest time I was trying to get hired at different organizations to do this kind of public outreach, but then I realized there was no reason I couldn’t just do it myself!


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