Reason #3 to own chickens- An especially heartwarming story

 Every day the news tells us about more shootings, natural disasters, and every other depressing event in the world around us. Make this Sunday a day of rest from the news. Switch off the negativity and watch this heartwarming video and read the story of a very special little chicken girl.

It’s not every day you see a ten-year-old running her own business, but Miss Rose from New Jersey, isn’t your average little girl. Since she was six-years-old, Rose has sold eggs from her flock of 25 chickens, and now donates one-third of all her proceeds to the local soup kitchen.

According to her mother, it began when Rose had said, “Mom, I’d like to help people who don’t have shelter or food and can’t feed themselves.”  For them, a flock of egg-laying chickens was the best way to do it. They set a “fresh eggs” sign outside of the local music school and word spread. Soon, Rose had a steady group of regular customers from both the music schools and her home-school group.

“Chickens are just doable for kids,” says her mother. “It’s a perfect way to make a difference.” Currently, Rose sells her eggs for three-dollars a dozen. Most of the remaining proceeds that don’t go to charity pay for the feed and cost of the chickens.The little amount then left over goes to Rose and little brother, Riley, her most recent business partner.

Talk about chickenspiration!. . .Perhaps what the world needs, is more Roses and less Honey-Boo-Boos. . .


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