Footage of our Mama Pig Giving Birth!

Guess who had babies at Shaker Village today? DSCF6520                                                               Her contractions began around  2:15 pm and ended at around 4:00 pm. Mr. Billy Mangiardi served as the midwife. In the  videos below, two of the many piglets are filmed being born. The first film displays a backward birth, also called a “breech.” The second  film shows a more common, head-first, birth.

Mother pigs rarely give birth when people are present. Today was a special treat for all the visitors at Hancock Shaker Village who witnessed this rare event!

In the photo below, Billy is shown giving a big ole’ smooch to one of the piglets!


If anyone is interested in seeing what the father looked like, here is a link to one of my past blog entries:


5 thoughts on “Footage of our Mama Pig Giving Birth!

  1. Thanks for the ducklings! They are now “Quackers” and “Maisie.” (Hopefully Maisie turns out to be a girl…) I assume the little yellow one is a Pekin, but am wondering what type the little black-and-yellow one is. Also, how old are they? About 2 weeks?


    • You are right, they are about two weeks or so old. The yellow one should be a Pekin (at least mostly Pekin). The other one is likely a mix between Pekin and Indian Runner. I hope you’re enjoying them! I love ducks because they always look like they’re smiling. If you have any questions about raising them, don’t hesitate to ask! Good luck!!


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