A Farm Dream Come True

Sometimes when the dream that you’ve been rambling about for ages, actually starts to come true, you stop keeping up with your blog posts. As of recent, both Steve and I are now living in a farmhouse on a 130+ acre plot of farmland in Richmond, MA with over thirty head of Hereford cattle, our cat Jovi, and of course, our most recent addition, six baby chicks!

For this reason, during the last weeks of March, as Steve and I have staggered to move our apartment possessions into the massive 19th century relic of a farmhouse, the last thing on my mind was writing my latest blog post. Now that we’ve fixed up, repainted, and refurnished a large portion of the house with the help of his family, (especially tough Grandma Grace!), I now have a chance to sit back and take it all in.
Let’s rewind to how I got here.
It started with a very generous couple who saw a beautiful piece of farmland that was going to be developed and likely turned into condos. In order to prevent another farm from meeting its demise, they bought it and turned it into land trust. Thanks to them, the farm will never be developed and forever be the beautiful land that it is: Ice House Hill Farm. All they needed were the right people to live on the land and farm it. Thanks to my friend and boss, Mr. Billy Mangiardi, who knows everyone under the sun, I am now set up with this wonderful opportunity and he is helping me move forward with it.
Though I do not own this farm, I can’t express how very grateful I am to the kind folks who own this land and to Billy for presenting me with such a rare opportunity to live my dream. I have so many plans and ideas for this place, but I must remind myself to take things one step at a time. Frank Sinatra said it best when he crooned, “Nice and easy does it, every time!”

Here are a few of the glorious views on the land.

So prettyDSCF6036

Lastly, take a quick glance at our baby calf from the birthing video in the last blog post! We’ve named him Rodeo and he’s quite a bit bigger than he was two weeks ago!


8 thoughts on “A Farm Dream Come True

  1. Congratulations Laura and Steve – I am so happy for you both and for the animals, trees, earth and people who benefit from your presence at the farm (and the fairies_


  2. Great reading your blog today. What great pictures. STeve probbly told you he gave me the cooks tour on our recent visit. What a great place to live and develop. Ruth enjoyed the visit very much. Great Easter as well.


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