Full Recap of Yesterday!

A chicken nerd. I’ve realized that’s what I am, but there could be worse things. Yesterday, my friend and I made the drive to West Springfield for this year’s Poultry Congress. Some might call it a chicken nerd convention and I’m OK with that. At least I was among fellow chicken nerds who understood. One of them was my dear New Hampshire friend, Rebekah. Every January, she and I have made it a kind of tradition to pull out of our winter blues for  a day and hit the road to go to the Eastern States Exposition where the congress is held. We like to think of it as a little bit of “chicken therapy” to get us through the winter.

The building  where the chickens were housed consisted of two giant rooms that held literally thousands of different breeds of of all kinds of poultry for people to show, buy, and sell.  Booths lined the building, selling all kinds of chicken related items from books, to jewelry, to chicken T-shirts! I felt like that eighties song by Belinda Carlisle, “Heaven is a place on Earth,” should have been playing as I stepped through those doors!

Poultry Paradise!

Poultry Paradise!

The highlight of my day was definitely meeting Peter Brown, aka. “The Chicken Doctor.” He is a well known regular on The Chicken Whisperer’s radio show.  I’ve known about him for a long time and was very excited to actually meet him! This man has the answers to almost any mysterious illness that a chicken contracts.  I was lucky to have had a wonderful conversation with him.At the end of the day, Rebekah brought home a Silkie Rooster and I brought home a Guinea Hen. Guineas make the pest tick killers.

My Guinea. . very prehistoric looking, right?

My Guinea. . very prehistoric looking, right?

This should be an advertisement for Carhartt

This should be an advertisement for Carhartt jackets.

Happy with our birds!

Happy with our birds!


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