How much is a Tamworth WORTH?

I’m fairly certain that if a zombie apocalypse had occurred in December, THIS guy would  be one of the few pig survivors. Say hello to Boris.115_1615

From his tusks all the way down to his protruding back-end, he is 400 pounds of pure pig survival. He is a Tamworth, a breed long since discarded by the industrialized pork farms simply because it is better suited for living outdoors rather than in a crate next to a thousand other pigs. Boris doesn’t need a farmer to hold his hand by requiring special pig feed or a confined, temperature controlled area. His type of breed is based on the ability to forage for most of its own food and have the hardiness to thrive in all kinds of weather….

As for a zombie apocalypse? Piece of cake!

For now, his only job is to provide our two lovely sows with as much lovin’ as it takes to impregnate them by the end of his rendezvous here at the farm. If he does his job correctly, the sows will each give birth  in exactly 3 months, 3 weeks, and 3 days from the time of conception. Pretty crazy right? Fortunately for me, as ferocious looking as he is, Boris is a gentle giant.

Boris and his girls.

Boris and his girls.

"Just look at those tusks!"

“Just look at those tusks!”

Unfortunately for Boris, heritage breeds like him are  very rare and increasingly replaced with more fragile breeds that fatten faster and cheaper. These more delicate breeds tend to consist of only a few distinctly selected strains of a three-way cross between the Yorkshire, the Hampshire, and the Duroc. . .Monoculture at it’s finest.

So again we return to the question: “How much is a Tamworth worth?”

The final answer: A Hell of a lot!

"Can I have a smooch?"

“Can I have a smooch?”


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